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Ch. Muhammad Amin, Hon'ble Member

 Ch. Muhammad Amin Javed obtained Law Graduation Degree from the renowned and prestigious Law College University of the Punjab. He started his legal profession in the year 1982 and become an Advocate of the High Court in 1986 and then Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1999, spreading his career over four decades. He worked with famous legal firms Raja Yaqoob Law Associates, Dr. Basit Mushir Law Firm, Khawaja Sultan Law Associates, gained tremendous / vast experience in the field of Constitutional Law, Labour Laws, Service Laws, Customs Laws, Banking Law, Criminal Laws and Civil Laws, etc. He led the lawyer’s moment in 2008 in the capacity of Secretary Supreme Court Bar Association for revival of Judiciary at front foot and faced the rigours of Adyala Jail. As a consequence of this historic and unprecedented struggle the judicial system is running smoothly and independently without interference of any quarter. He sustained multiple difficulties for restoration of true judicial activism in the year 2008. He remained Member, Executive Committee of Supreme Court Bar Association for two terms and also remained Member, Pakistan Bar Council. He has been advisor / legal counsel the higher institutions like National Bank of Pakistan, CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement). He assisted the superior Courts in reaching just conclusion with his able contribution towards obtaining justice as reflected in some remarkable reported judgments in 2015 CLC 366, 2014 SCMR 1222, PLD 2014 Lahore 591, 2013 YLR 2702, 2013 CLC 276, 2012 CLC 634, PLD 2012 Lahore 132, 2011 SCMR 191, 2011 PCRLJ 835, 2010 CLC 258, 2009 SCMR 946, 2009 SCMR 585, 2008 CLC 1106, 2006 SCMR 559, PLD 2006 Lahore 565, PLJ 2006 Lahore 1636, 2005 SCMR 810, 2005 CLC 870, PLD 2004 S.C 911, PLD 2003 Lahore 409, 2001 CLC 28, 2001 PTD 807, 1999 MLD 2280, 1999 MLD 1655, PLD 1997 Lahore 407, 1996 PLD 672, PLD 1994 Lahore 94, 1992 CLC 1836. He led the delegation of Pakistan Bar Council to represent Pakistan at a Law conference in 2010 at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). He was honoured with the Tahir Iqbal Shaheed Award by CLAAS in 2010 for services, dedication and protection of innocent people in the Courts. He became Member of this Tribunal in the month of November 2021.